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Write for Inclusion Publishing Kit

By 826 National & Cartoon Network

Students write two stories focused on the power of inclusion with this downloadable, printable, DIY publishing kit.

Presented By

Cartoon Network


Grades 1–5


Narrative, Social-Emotional Learning


2 Sessions: 2 Hours Each

Download Includes

Write for Inclusion Publishing Kit includes lesson instructions, materials, storyboards, and extension activity ideas

What Your Students Will Learn

Drawing inspiration from Cartoon Network character images and storyboards, students will consider perspectives of multiple characters before writing stories centered on themes of kindness, inclusion, and empathy.

Common Core Alignments

What Your Students Will Produce

Students will publish:

  • an original story focused on kindness, compassion, and empathy, with the option to print and bind their own book!
  • a storyboard featuring an inclusive conclusion to a story inspired by Cartoon Network characters.

Writing Samples from This Lesson

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