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Students will combine all their skills from the past sessions to create the first draft of their liner note, for their song.

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Lesson instructions

What Your Students Will Learn

This is where all the skills and tools students have developed over the past four weeks come together. In this lesson, students will be combining the following things:

  1. Their knowledge of liner notes as a genre
  2. Their practice with discussing and talking about music and musical structure
  3. How lyrics are written and the messages they can deliver
  4. The historical context in which a piece of music resides.


To prep for this session, for the popular song the class discussed in sessions 2 and 3, prepare a dry and dull sample liner note beforehand. Use plain language, avoid specifics, and do not use proper terminology.

Common Core Alignments

What Your Students Will Produce

By the end of the lesson, each student will be able to take ownership over their own work that represents their full expertise on a song of their choosing. Students will feel like experts that can persuade others about how to interpret a piece of music and musical history.

Student writing samples from this session

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