Sparks are innovative, adaptable mini-lessons and activities. They help hone a specific skill or inspire big ideas.

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Showing 40 SparkSparks
Grades 1–12
Informational, Narrative, Persuasive, Poetry

A Good Time to Write: Remote Learning Kit

by 826 National

Spark Summary

Engage young writers of any age at home with this collection of 826 Digital writing prompts and activities.

Grades 3–8
Informational, Narrative, Social-Emotional Learning

Recipe Zines

by 826 National

Spark Summary

With a little folding and loads of creativity, students make their own zines that feature abstract recipes.

Grades 4–8

Setting the Tone

by Aarti Monteiro, 826NYC

Spark Summary

This activity explores the way emotions change how we perceive settings. Students work in groups to create descriptions of apartments based on an emotion they draw from a hat.

Grades 6–12
Narrative, Poetry

Memory Line

by Anna Griffin, 826 National

Spark Summary

Students plot significant memories on a timeline in this reflective writing activity.

Grades 9–12

Four Corners

by Cristeta Boarini, 826 MSP

Spark Summary

This activity prompts students to use words related to community and identity to reframe ancestral stories of resistance, growth, and survival.

Grades 6–12
Informational, Narrative, Social-Emotional Learning

Letters, Undelivered

by Maria Villareal, 826CHI

Spark Summary

This activity prompts students to write words unspoken in letters that are undelivered.

Grades 7–12

Your Front Door

by Maria Villareal, 826CHI

Spark Summary

An effective writing prompt about a significant threshold.

Grades 3–9
Narrative, Visual, Performing, and Media Arts

The Dialogue Shuffle

by Klariza Alvaran, 826CHI

Spark Summary

This spark activity is designed to get your students on their feet while reinforcing the need for strong dialogue in narratives.

Grades 6–9
Narrative, Visual, Performing, and Media Arts

Magic 8 Ball: Character Desires

by Debra Mitchell, 826CHI

Spark Summary

Students pose questions to the magic 8 ball in this activity centered on character motivation.

Grades 1–5
Narrative, Social-Emotional Learning

Friends Help Friends, Always

by Sarah Kokernot, 826CHI

Spark Summary

Students use illustrations as entry points to write stories about friendship and empathy.

Grades 1–3
Social-Emotional Learning

Kindness Counts

by Nicolien Buholzer, 826LA

Spark Summary

Why does kindness count? Students consider acts of kindness that they’ve experienced and reflect on the difference that kindness makes in the world.

Grades 7–12

Write with Pride

by Molly Sprayregen, 826CHI

Spark Summary

Students consider the influence that labels hold and write poetry to become empowered to describe themselves however they want.

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