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Spark: A Day in the Life of Flood City

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A Day in the Life of Flood City

This Spark introduces students to the fantastical world of Flood City and prompts them to write a journal entry from the perspective of a Flood City resident.


Grades 5–9



Presented By

New Leaf Literary & Media

What Your Students Will Learn

Students will write a journal entry from the perspective of a Flood City resident or character.


  • Welcome to Flood City — video from Daniel José Older
  • Flood City Synopsis
  • First chapter of Flood City (optional, available online)
  • Journal or computer

What You Will Do

1) Introduce Daniel José Older as an author who builds other worlds through writing his sci-fi and fantasy novels. Tell students that today, they will write from one of those worlds set in the future, called Flood City. 

3) Play the Welcome to Flood City video from Daniel to help students familiarize themselves with Flood City. As a class, read the Flood City Synopsis. To further establish the world, you can also read an excerpt from the first chapter available online.  

4) Introduce the “day in the life” prompt to students. For younger grades, we recommend modeling how to get started by choosing one of the suggested questions and writing the first few sentences in the first person point of view. 


Imagine you live in Flood City—the last city left on earth, which is now completely covered with water. You travel only by jet boots. You eat mostly stale food rations. You’re watched by Chemical Barons, circling the skies above you. And don’t forget to watch out for attacking Iguanagulls! Your mission: Write a daily journal from the perspective of a Flood City resident.

Not sure how to start? Try answering at least one of these questions! 

  • What do you see outside of your bedroom window? 
  • How does it feel to get around on jet boots? 
  • Where would you go and what do you do for fun? 
  • Would you join the Chemical Barons or the Star Guard? Why?
  • What do you wish were different about Flood City? What would you change? 
  • What is your greatest fear? 

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