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A Beam of Light Through the Corona Darkness

By Khari Garris

A student remembers what life was like before the COVID-19 pandemic, and imagines a brighter day when schools reopen.


Grade 6




Before the virus, there wasn’t much of a fuss
Kids would ride to school on the yellow school bus
They would laugh and dance and sing and play
And appreciate this beautiful day
Why would the kids go to school? So they can learn.
Things like 1+1 and how to water a fern
Then came lunch, and they filled their bellies
With hot dogs, donuts, and a peanut butter jelly
After lunch they had no regrets
Since in tech ed, they sat around and sent texts
But that all ended when they heard the news,
And then began the corona blues.


We got sent home, never to return
We never fully learned how to water a fern 🙁
Our happiness was crippling
As we endured social distancing
But there was a plus side, we all got some A.I.
Which is one more reason for you not to cry
Classrooms turned to zoom rooms in your own house
Everyone was using it, even your pet mouse
On weekends you couldn’t go to target or buy
Things like video games, toys, or some yellow die.
You had to wear masks everywhere you go
You couldn’t go to your friends house to play Mario
On the news things have gone awry
As hundreds of thousands of millions die,
BUT WAIT! Don’t assume that fun is dead,
It’s not over, my friends
Just look to the future ahead!


Eventually we will find a cure
And everyone will cheer
The kids will play the new Smash Bros character
No one will have fear.
Target will open up once more
Things will be as happy as can be!
You will finally be able to get Kingdom Hearts 3!
You can ride on a roller coaster
Get a hot dog,
You can even play with your pet hog!
In September schools will open once more
You will experience more joy than ever before,
And this virus will be nothing more than the flu
I’m starting to see some hope! What about you?

About the Author

Khari is new to the writing world. He was asked to write something by his teacher and loved it and kept writing. When he’s not writing he’s coding, playing video games, spending time with family and friends. Khari is an honor roll student and loves school.

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