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The Day I Cheered My Friend Up

By Sherilyn, 826LA

A story about what to do when one witnesses bullying.


Grades 1–3


Narrative, Social-Emotional Learning

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Once, I saw my friend getting bullied by a boy. She became sad as a rainy day. He kept making mean comments and he pushed her roughly. She got hurt and started crying. I was watching on top of the small rock wall. Then I went and said, “Are you okay?” and she said, “No.” I asked my friend if she wanted to go to the office to get a Band-aid.

We went to the office and told the teacher about what happened. The bully had to sit on the bench. I cheered my friend up by playing with her and asking my good friend if he would let us play with him. He said, “Yes,” and we were very happy. Kindness is important because it could make someone feel really happy when they are sad. If you want to be friends then ask instead of bullying someone to get her attention because it is more kind.

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Grades 1–3
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