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By Jizelle Villegas, Grade 12, 826 Dallas Project

The stunning and vulnerable poem processes feelings of loss, grief, and hope for the future.


Grade 12



The rope has tied our hands
Together bonded by the same
Realization that we have no father
I am my mother’s daughter 

Growing up without a dad
She basically went through the same
We had to hold onto each other
I am her strong daughter

She had two roles to fulfill
Still her love remained the same
She was like no other
I am her very loved daughter

Therapy at a young age
The way I process my feelings isn’t the same
Why couldn’t he have just been a father?
I am his unwanted daughter 

This is all too much to go through
If I had had a say, it wouldn’t be the same
Ripped from me were happiness and laughter
I am their broken daughter

Eighteen and still feel strange
Why couldn’t he have loved me the same?
Will I feel like this forever?
I am his very confused daughter

Whenever I see a girl and her dad
I know I’ll never have the same
But I can change the future for the better
I will have a daughter

From all that I have experienced
I wouldn’t want to put her through the same
Not a reflection of her mother
She will be my unique daughter 

She will grow up
What she’ll have, won’t be the same
Not just with a mother, but as well as a father
She will be our daughter

The rope has been cut from around my hands
She will not be bonded by the same
The future will be of us all together
She will be a very loved daughter

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