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Jack, aka DJ Beatmaker, on How to Stop Bullying

By Jack, Grade 5

In this transcript, a student shares three clear actions to stand up to bullies.


Grade 5


Social-Emotional Learning

Hello, this is Jack, aka DJ Beatmaker. Today I will be talking about bullying.

Bullies are people who pick on smaller kids to make themselves feel good. Bullying is a real problem these days, but here are three things you can do to stop bullying in your community, school, and athletic groups.

#1 – Don’t stand by. If you see someone getting bullied, either go and stand up for them, or go and get an adult.

#2 – Don’t be a bully. If you bully someone and you are hearing this, think about your actions. Should you be doing this? The answer is no.

#3 – Don’t be shy. If you are being bullied, tell a trusted adult. If you stay silent, the bully gets away and you keep getting bullied.

Thanks for listening, and remember, don’t bully. This is DJ Beatmaker signing off.

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