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Laughter Means You’re Alive

By 826NYC students

This collaborative poem explores the many sides and senses of laughter.


Grades 6–8



Laughter is a reminder
Of true happiness
Laughter moves like the rain
It sounds like popcorn
It wears a clown costume
And a carrot nose
Laughter is the feeling that
Can pick you up
On your darkest days
It is happiness
Laughter can be light or dark
It teaches you to let go and feel
Laughter feels like a bear hug
It smells like peaches
Laughter means you’re alive
And it lives in everyone

From this project

Grades 6–8
Informational, Narrative, Persuasive, Poetry, Social-Emotional Learning

Write Your Way Curriculum: Grades 6-8

by 826 National

Project Summary

A flexible, 4-week unit designed for students in grades 6-8 to "write their way" with authentic purpose. Includes a curriculum guide, calendar, and links to all related 826 Digital resources.

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