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Me, Myself, and I

By Salma, 826 Boston

A student reminds herself of the many ways she shines.


Grade 5


Social-Emotional Learning

My, myself, and I



I like that I have good grades,

art, contented, creative

I want to learn how to cook in general,

I’m good at obbys in Roblox,

I’m glad I’m alive,

Blue, glasses, nails grow fast

I used to flex that I was older than people


FUN FACTS: I like history, I like to sleep, I steal iPads in my house, I have brown eyes, I like to eat, I’m scared to search up King Tut’s mummy because my brother said that his skin is BLACK LIKE THE COLOR BLACK LIKE A PHONE SCREEN!

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Grades 1–2
Informational, Narrative, Persuasive, Poetry, Social-Emotional Learning

Write Your Way Curriculum: Grades K-2

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Project Summary

A flexible, 4-week unit designed for K-2 students to "write their way" with authentic purpose. Includes a curriculum guide, calendar, and links to all related 826 Digital resources.

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