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My Language

By Fahima Dahir, 826 MSP

A poem about the strength and limitations of language and shared culture.


Grade 9



My culture is based on how you speak,

It’s like a rainy day without the rainbow at the end, it’s just gloomy and sad.

My mother always said, if u step out of a plane speaking like that, u might as well cry ur way back inside.

My family says the same things to the little one, the more chuckles in the air the more cracks in their voices.

I said to my older cousin, “Maxay muhiim u tahay in la barto Soomaaliga?” She said back, “la’aanteed afkeenna ma jiri doontid.”

Translation: I said to my older cousin, “Why do I have to learn Somali?” She said back, “Without our language, you would not exist.”

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