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On the Inside

By Maribel O.G., 826 Valencia

In this story, a student gets to know a new teacher and discovers that things are not always as they seem.


Grade 4


Social-Emotional Learning

Every year when we enter school and get a new teacher, people always say, “Please let my teacher not be Mr. Rob.” 

I ask, “What is wrong with Mr. Rob?”

People say that he is strict and a mean teacher.

Then I say, “Oh, then I do not want to be with Mr. Rob.”

It was the start of the year when we got our new teachers and I was excited to see who my teacher was. I entered a Zoom meeting and my teacher was Ms. Apple. I was happy because I always wanted her as my teacher. 

The next day, our teacher said, “Today at 1:00 p.m. we will have ELD.”

I was going to the other Zoom meeting, and I repeated, “Please don’t be mean, please don’t be mean.” I entered and my teacher was Mr. Rob. I was like, “No! They say he’s strict.” I said in a low voice, “Hi.”

Mr. Rob told the kids to turn on their videos. I was so nervous and suddenly he said, “Hi everybody, how are you doing today? We will play a game today. Ohhhh fun, right?”

I was like, “What? Wow, he’s really nice.” I felt more comfortable because now I was not scared that if I got something wrong he would get mad. I was happy that I got Mr. Rob as my ELD teacher. Thanks, Mr. Rob!

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Grades 3–5
Informational, Narrative, Persuasive, Poetry, Social-Emotional Learning

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