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Once Upon a Red Race Car

By Nathan A., 826DC

A story about reaching out to others.


Grade 1


Narrative, Social-Emotional Learning

Once upon a time at school at indoor recess, I saw Jason. Jason sat by himself. He was very quiet. I thought to myself “I want to play with Jason.” I had a red race car toy. I wanted to share with Jason. We played together and had fun. Then we became friends. We both felt happy. Now we play together a lot and have a good time. The end!

From this project

Grades 1–2
Informational, Narrative, Persuasive, Poetry, Social-Emotional Learning

Write Your Way Curriculum: Grades K-2

by 826 National

Project Summary

A flexible, 4-week unit designed for K-2 students to "write their way" with authentic purpose. Includes a curriculum guide, calendar, and links to all related 826 Digital resources.

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Grade 1
Narrative, Social-Emotional Learning

Meanwhile at Jump City School…

by Yusuf, 826 MSP

Writing Sample Summary

In this resolution inspired by the "Include Someone" lesson and Cartoon Network storyboard, we learn how transformation and creativity can bring together friends.

Grades 1–5
Poetry, Social-Emotional Learning

Me, Myself, and I

by Kevin, 826LA

Writing Sample Summary

A letter from the author to the author on appreciating both the unconventional and conventional parts of oneself.