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By Ms. Lowe’s Fourth Grade Class at Roberto Clemente Learning Academy in Detroit, Michigan.

An example of a "Neighborhood Poem" created as a class as part of 826michigan's Rare Air/Aire raro Young Authors' Book Project.


Grades 4–5



Grass tastes like a vegetable my mom makes me eat
White bike tire stuck in a tree
When we throw red and yellow leaves it’s like raining,
they like to float like a paper airplane
A hollow metal pole, ten times taller than Ryan, looks like it will timber to one side and fall on someone’s brand new car
A rumbling train that could wake a sleepy teenage brother
The fence looks like it has a butt
Chips Ahoy! cookies wrapper crumbs, blue and gray inside,
sounds like crunch, crunch, wishes in the wind
There is a striped shirt, blue stripes- next to the fence and a monster energy can –
The M is green, and a shaver in the grass
A row of houses that looks like a unit of army soldiers

From this project

Grades 4–5

Rare Air / Aire Raro

by Brandan Pierce, 826michigan

Project Summary

In this project, students explore poetry as a way of explaining and defining the world around them via the people, places, and events that make up their life.

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