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The Perfect School Where Nothing Goes Wrong

By Clara, 826 Valencia

A detailed design for a new school that students would love, complete with outdoor spaces for tennis and ice-skating!


Grades 3–4


Narrative, Persuasive

Once, a girl named Clara was observing some kids in school. She found that the kids at BVHM loved to learn, but the kids at other schools still hated going to school. Clara was determined to make it possible for those kids to enjoy school but she did not know how. After hours and hours of thinking, making a list of things and crossing stuff off the list, she came up with the perfect idea!

She decided to start a school! After looking all over San Francisco for a place to start a school, Clara found the perfect place. It was a big, open place with lots of outdoor space. Immediately, Clara went to work designing classrooms, a playground, a garden, a gym, an auditorium, and even an ice-skating rink and a tennis court! Then she finished by hiring some teachers, security, yard monitors, and an assistant principal (she would be the principal).  

Then finally, Clara opened the gates of her very awesome school! Luckily, the school opened right before the school year started, not in the middle of the year. Everything went perfectly at the school! The kids were excited about going to school and all the special activities were working out. For a while, everything went as expected and the kids were all successful, but the problems were not over.

About a month into the school year a terrible disaster happened. The system that kept the ice-skating rink crashed and the figure skating lessons had to be canceled! Of course the figure skaters had to keep doing lessons, because they were preparing for a competition. Clara felt horrible. It was up to her to keep lessons going. Clara felt like this was her fault. She sat for hours on end trying to figure out what to do.

Then, an idea popped into her head!  She would rent an ice-skating rink somewhere else while people would repair the ice-skating rink at her school. Immediately, she got to work finding an ice-skating rink that would be available for around two weeks. Luckily, she was able to easily rent a skating rink.

Two days later, people had come to repair the ice-skating rink at the school and lessons were going on at a nearby skating rink. Still, Clara was worried. What if the ice-skating rink could not be fixed? But, luckily it was a problem that was easy to fix. It would only take two weeks to fix and be reopened.

Two weeks later, things went as planned, and the skating rink was reopened! Yay! Clara felt like a huge weight had just been lifted off her shoulders.

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