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The Story of the University of Pedro and Noel

By Noel, 826 Valencia

The creation story of a new school, reimagined to improve learning. (Paid for by Taylor Swift with free water bottles, an Italian restaurant, a movie theater, and a comfortable and safe environment.)


Grades 4–5


Narrative, Persuasive

Chapter 1

One day on the basketball court at BVHM, a bell rang. That was the bell to go back to the classroom. It was loud. When the students from room 305, a fourth grade classroom, went into their classroom, two kids, or should I say best friends, were talking about starting a business together when they grew up.  They did not know what business they should start. Then Noel said, “Let’s make a school!”

Then Pedro asked, “But what should we name it?”

They thought for hours and hours, until Noel said, “University of Noel and Pedro.”

At the exact same time, Pedro said, “University of Pedro and Noel.”  

Noel immediately said, “Noel and Pedro!”

Pedro said, “No! Noel and Pedro!”

“Ugh!” said Noel. They argued for hours until they used the most ancient and old ritual to end arguments: rock, paper, scissors. Pedro won after forty-eight rounds. Noel was pretty mad. And that is how the University of Pedro and Noel began, or at least, that was what I heard. The rest, who knows what happened!


Chapter 2

Wait wait wait!

I was walking on the street sidewalk when I overheard someone say that the school smelled like chocolate and they saw a water slide on the playground. It sounded so peaceful and fun. I just had to visit! It was only one mile away, so I hopped in my car and drove away. When I got there, I was about to walk in when someone in a suit offered me a piece of cheese. He looked like he worked there. I took the piece, and ate it. It was the most delicious piece of cheese I had ever tasted.

Then, in 2036, Taylor Swift and Pitbull bought the school and wanted to build a new one. They renamed it the University of Taylor Swift and Pitbull, and were trying to convince people to go there.


Chapter 3

“Hello boys and girls!  Ladies and gents, I’m here to talk about the future of all education. My name is Noel Marquez and I’m here to talk about the University of Taylor Swift and Pitbull. Now, this is a private school that offers seven hours of learning and fun, all combined together. Is this sounding good already? Well, there is much more ahead!

One reason you should build this school is it will only cost a gazillion dollars, but Taylor Swift will pay for it. Also, you are 99.99% likely to get a job interview to any job you want when you go there. Another reason is the students are surrounded by a comfortable and safe environment.

Plus, who do you think will be the principal and vice principal? They are Taylor Swift and Pitbull! Taylor Swift will be our principal and Pitbull will be our vice principal. Pitbull wanted to be principal, too, so they settled it with rock, paper, scissors. Taylor Swift won and Pitbull was sad, but Taylor Swift said, ‘Oh, just shake it off, you big baby!’

Some other reasons you should go here are the free water bottles, baseball field, an 826 Valencia, an Italian restaurant, and a movie theater. You can also go shopping in one of the stores, including Starbucks, Sports Authority, etc… My final reason is that the school is so big they give you hoverboards to travel around the school. Please consider building my school and thank you for listening.”

And all the kid wanted to go there.

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