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The Crane in the Constellations

By Alondra, 826CHI

An epic story of a princess who seeks acceptance among the stars.


Grades 6–8


Narrative, Social-Emotional Learning

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On a small island lived a lonesome girl. An evil witch captured her and locked her up in a tower on a small island all alone because she was a princess. The witch was greedy, selfish, and mean and wanted nothing more than the princess’s wealth and inheritance of the kingdom. Surprisingly, the witch was not bad looking at all. She had a great sense of style, and was very, very manipulative.

The lonesome girl wanted nothing more than to be up in the stars with the constellations, high in the sky where all her problems would just disappear. The island was completely desolate with no human activity all around and she had the view of the whole place. All she could see were the trees, animals, and the ocean. She would do anything to be up there, absolutely anything. Every day she would go up a tower with a stack of wheat and a peacock feather and pray that the constellations would allow her to join them. The wheat and peacock feather were sacrifices from her religion to her gods.

One night as she was up on the tower, she slipped off the big open window, head first to the ground. She thought for sure that would be the end for her. Little did she know every night as she prayed to be up with the constellations, they actually heard her. She had her eyes shut, ready to die, but as she fell she was slowly turning up towards space, to the stars.

Once she stopped moving, she thought to herself, am I in heaven? She opened her eyes and saw that all the constellations had surrounded her with warmth and happiness. She had become a crane constellation. She had always wanted to be a bright beautiful star in the sky with all the other billions of constellations. She finally felt at home and was accepted as one of their own. She would never be alone again.


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