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The Girl With the Sweater

A student reflects on what it takes to stand up to bullies and speak up for others.


Grades 3–5


Narrative, Social-Emotional Learning

My mom and I were on a crowded bus and I saw a girl named Penny. She was wearing a sweater that had a big eye on it and it was moving. Yes, it was a googly eye. Penny was also getting bullied by three big boys and I wondered, “Should I go say something?”

My mom and I moved to the front of the bus, but my mom didn’t notice what was happening to the girl with the googly eye sweater. As I walked past Penny, I felt sad. I wanted to say something, but in my head, I was confused because I was going back and forth asking myself, “Should I go say something or not?” If I said something, would they talk about me too? Or would they understand and leave her alone. But after I saw how sad she was, I went over and talked to her. I asked her if she was okay and we talked about how to tell an adult if you are being bullied.

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