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The Happy School

By Sebastian, 826 Valencia

In this story, a student finds a surprise within a Takis bag and makes a wish for a dream school.


Grades 2–3


Narrative, Persuasive

One time, there was a kid named Chico watching TV. He heard a news report about another kid who found a school inside a medium-sized Takis bag. In the morning, Chico went to buy some stuff. At the store, he saw a kid named “Show Off,” who was called that because he always showed his muscles.

Chico found a store that sold Takis and he saw that the store was open. He went in and saw many bags of Takis that were free, so he got one. Then he opened it and said, “Wow! What’s this?” He saw a glass ball that had a school inside. He took out the ball and threw it to the construction workers nearby. The glass ball broke and everything expanded to full size. The people inside the glass ball were thankful for being freed and they offered Chico gifts and more wishes. Chico wished for a school that had games, food, ice cream, and nice teachers.

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Grades 3–6
Narrative, Persuasive

Dream Schools

by Ashley Smith, 826 Valencia

Project Summary

Students design dream schools filled with creative and imaginative elements to improve learning, complete with origin stories, illustrated designs, and sales pitches.

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