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Two-Sided Latin Culture

By Karina Centeno, Grade 12, 826 Dallas Project

This poem takes an honest look at two sides of the writer's culture.


Grade 12



Bright blue skies, delicious aromas, laughter and cheer
Behind the beauty, there is something to fear
Culture embedded in us from a young age
Some habits are just too hard to escape
Latin culture is beautiful and however not always fair
Women are viewed as the housewives not allowed to have a career
Although times have changed some things remain the same
Latin culture sometimes cannot be changed
The man must be served and the kids must be fed
Latin culture is beautiful but there are things we must break

Latin culture something we love and embrace
But there are always things that we should be willing to change
The toxicity in our culture should not be hidden away
We must face the dark side of our culture to seek an escape
No more male superiority no more women put down
Latin culture beautiful as ever but never forget to strive to be better

Room for improvement is never something you can’t get to
Striving for better is how we continue to stick together
Our culture connects us
Let’s never forget our roots but never forget that we must always have space to move

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