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Where I’m From

By Charles, 826 MSP

A student reflects on his life, stemming from the life of his father.


Grades 9–10



I’m from a place

Where knowledge is bleak, 

Where you looked like a fool, 

If you even tried to seek, 


Little to none. 


This is a place 

Where life is as dull as rocks,

Same thing every day,

Just watching the clocks, 

But now things are a little more interesting, 

Now I have a car, 

And everything . . . 


This is a place where my father went against 


He was there in my life, 

But now he’s gone . . . 


But most people would assume,

He was murdered in the night. 

But it wasn’t his fault, 

He lived almost like a nomad, 

Always moving, 

He never had a steady home,

My mother told me this sometime after his funeral, 

And I wondered, why? 


He was perfectly capable of living a great life, 

But he chose otherwise. 


Ya’know, I had a dream of his passing, 

A few days prior, 

And I think my aunt had the same dream, 

As she was also worried. 

She told me to call him,

But younger,

Less caring me

Thought nothing of it, 


But now, 

I must live with it, 

As he lies six feet under, 

I’m scared of my dreams now . . . 


About the Author

Charles is a person who is quite fond of dogs and cats, and his favorite food is noodles, especially spaghetti. He is also quite fond of Jamba Juice. He enjoys writing because he can vent via writing.

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