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Where I’m From

This poem lists all of the pieces that make up the writer's whole.


Grade 4



I am from a plasma ball
When you clap it turns on
It’s surrounded by electricity!

I am from the big big boom
And a bright light above me;

From my old school.
Almost falling into the woods

I am from the thyme
And other herbs that are brown from the cold

I am from cooking and making our own stuff
Like oatmeal cream pie with no nuts
That Slim and Titi and I make

We always make food, we always give each other surprises
They are surprises so I can’t tell anyone yet

My room is not necessarily clean
But it’s C L E A N

I am from my friend James,
My mom, and Titi

I am from “Can I get a homestead?”

I am Glitch Techs,
And going to North Carolina to see family

Picking grapes at grandma’s house with great grandmother Mary
In North Carolina in July
…or was it August?

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