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826 Digital brings the 826 approach to teaching writing to educators, students, and communities that need it most. When students write with 826, they tap into the power, brilliance, and joy within themselves. With each new word, their voices emerge on the page, whether writing about pizza, aliens, climate change, or social justice. Our writing lessons are designed to reach and engage every student, from aspiring authors to reluctant writers.

Browse hundreds of writing resources for grades K–12 that are

Free to everyone
Designed by educators for anyone to teach writing
Field-tested by our Network and proven to be engaging for students
Aligned to Common Core standards
Relevant with topics such as social justice, identity, and social and emotional learning

Why Writing?

Writing education prepares students not only for academic and professional achievement but also for the lifelong need to articulate their thoughts and communicate with others. While students are learning to write, they also learn how to process complex ideas from different sources, reflect on their emotions and thought processes, advocate for themselves and their communities, become more compassionate to others, and much more. Writing prepares students to become the next generation of leaders, dreamers, and changemakers.

I want to write and be known. Not praised, but understood.
—Yerika R. Student, 826CHI

love from educators

“826 Digital resources help my students find the joy of writing while seeing characters and authors who look like them and have similar stories to them.”
- Alison P.
Teacher, Hillsboro High School, Nashville, TN

826 Digital Resources

Our free resources are designed to adapt to your needs and reach all learners. You can bookmark, share, and download any resource.

Sparks are quick, adaptable writing prompts and activities. They help hone a specific skill or inspire big ideas. Average recommended time: 30 minutes
Lessons engage students deeply in the writing process, with a focus on writing skill development and drafting. They’re built around a writing genre, topic, and writing standard(s). Average recommended time: 2 hours or 2 sessions
Projects are multisession units on a topic or theme. They help teach process and revision while students produce a polished piece. Average recommended time: 3 or more sessions
Student Writing pieces showcase the power, brilliance, and joy of young authors and are offered as mentor texts throughout 826 Digital resources.
Educator Tools provide new strategies and best practices from 826, designed for every educator to get to the next level in their writing instruction.
Videos feature critically acclaimed authors and educators providing their own twist on Sparks and other writing activities.

Our Story

826 Digital was launched by 826 National in 2017 with the goal to make the 826 approach to teaching writing accessible to every student, everywhere. Our team is made up of educators who are passionate about expanding student access to quality writing instruction. Our lessons are often designed and field-tested by staff and educators across the 826 Network, ensuring that lessons are engaging and effective. They are then adapted for 826 Digital so that educators beyond our chapters can use them too.

Today, 826 Digital is accessed by tens of thousands of educators across every grade level, hailing from all fifty states across the U.S. and sixty countries around the world, reaching hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. We remain committed to our mission to make quality writing resources accessible to all. In 2021, 826 National worked with the American Foundation for the Blind to improve the accessibility of 826 Digital, implementing recommendations to the best of our ability. We continue to seek new ways to reach educators and students everywhere.

826 National and the Network

826 is the largest youth writing network in the country. 826 National serves as the hub of the movement to amplify student voices and champions the belief that strong writing skills are essential for academic and lifelong success. The 826 Network serves K–12th grade students in under-resourced communities each year through chapters in nine cities as well as via 826 Digital. 826 National was established in 2008 to support a growing network of writing centers founded by author Dave Eggers and educator Nínive Calegari in San Francisco in 2002. We work toward a country in which the power, brilliance, and joy of writing is accessible to every student in every classroom. Together, we believe writing is the key to cultivating a new generation of creative and diverse thinkers who will define a better, brighter, and more compassionate future.

Visit the Bookstore

Publishing student work is an essential part of the 826 Network’s approach to writing education. It provides an opportunity for students to see their ideas reflected in something tangible, amplifies their voices to new and diverse audiences, and increases their confidence as they begin to see themselves as authors with words worth reading. Visit our Bookstore to see books featuring student writing from across our network. Our students’ words will make you smile, think, sigh, cry so hard you laugh, and laugh so much you cry. Get ready to be inspired.

Get Involved

We believe in sparking the power and joy of writing—for every student. Here are a few ways you can join us in our mission!

Become an 826 Digital Educator Leader

The 826 Digital Educator Leader group is designed for educators looking to break the mold in writing instruction and contribute to the field of writing education. Just as we believe every student is a writer, we believe that every teacher is a writing teacher too. Apply today!

Become a Volunteer

Each year, approximately 5,000 active volunteers make our work possible and keep our programs free of charge. These passionate individuals are found at our centers and neighboring schools each day—supporting morning field trips, sitting side by side with our students after school, and helping entire classrooms learn the art of writing.

Visit a Chapter

From the Pirate Supply Store in San Francisco to the Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute in Minneapolis, each 826 chapter has an imaginative storefront that redefines educational space; provides a gateway for meeting families, teachers, and volunteers; and connects students with community members.

The 826 Network
The 826 Network serves K–12th grade students in under-resourced communities each year through chapters in nine cities as well as via 826 Digital.
Where We're Based
826 National is based in San Francisco, CA and serves as the hub of the 826 Network.
826 Chapter Cities
826 chapters are located in Boston, Chicago, Detroit/Ann Arbor/Ypsilanti, Los Angeles, New Orleans, New York City, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Minneapolis/St. Paul. Click on each chapter below to learn more about each chapter!
826-Inspired Organizations
There are over 50 organizations around the world inspired by the 826 model. Click the arrow to learn more!
Boston Public & Greater Boston Area School Districts
Egleston Square, Roxbury
Boston Public Library, Jeremiah E. Burke High School, & John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics & Science
The Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute
Chicago Public School District
Wicker Park
Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply Co.
D.C. Public Schools & D.C. Public Charter Schools
Columbia Heights
Tivoli’s Astounding Magic Supply Co.
Los Angeles Unified School District
Echo Park & Mar Vista
Manual Arts Senior High School
The Echo Park Time Travel Mart & The Mar Vista Time Travel Mart
New York City Public Schools
East Harlem, Park Slope, & Williamsburg
Brooklyn Public Library, Williamsburg Branch & MS 7/Global Tech Prep
Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co.
Ann Arbor Public Schools, Detroit Public Schools Community District, & Ypsilanti Community School District
Ann Arbor, Detroit, & Ypsilanti
beezy’s cafe, Detroit Public Library, & Ypsilanti District Library
Liberty Street Robot Supply and Repair Shop & The Detroit Robot Factory
Minneapolis Public Schools, St. Paul Public Schools
Writers’ Room at South High School in Minneapolis
Mid-Continent Oceanographic Institute
New Orleans Public School System, Louisiana Recovery School District
7th Ward, Upper Ninth Ward
Sylvanie Williams College Prep Elementary
The New Orleans Haunting Supply Co.
San Francisco Unified School District
Mission District, Tenderloin & Mission Bay
Buena Vista Horace Mann K-8, Everett Middle School, & Mission High School
The Pirate Supply Store, King Carl’s Emporium, & Woodland Creature Outfitters, Ltd

An International Movement

If you’re looking to get involved internationally, there are over fifty organizations around the world inspired by the 826 model.


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