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A New Report from 826 National

Equal access to quality writing education has been a longstanding challenge in the United States. In this report, we at 826 National aim to bring writing education to the forefront of public, policy, and funding conversations by examining its current state and issuing a call to action to the field. In the summer and fall of 2020, we interviewed 19 writing education experts, including authors, researchers, and educators, about the current state of writing education in the United States. We distill their reflections on the benefits, challenges, and inequities of writing education, and then draw on those reflections to outline recommendations for the field.

Quote from interviewee Amanda Gorman


Sparks are innovative, adaptable mini-lessons and activities. They help hone a specific skill or inspire big ideas.

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Lessons are highly engaging and ready to use. They’re built around a topic and genre and focused on an educational outcome.

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Projects are multi-session units on a topic or theme. They help teach process and revision while producing a polished piece.

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The Writing Gallery features pieces produced by students over the course of Lessons and Projects featured on the site, as well as from our collection of student publications. These may be used to help envision what your students will produce, or as representative, relatable example texts to use in class.

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The Bookstore features collections of student work from 826 Young Authors’ Book Projects and other publishing projects with curricula on 826 Digital, as well as collections of 826 educator resources. These publications offer the opportunity for students to read entire books written by their peers, independently or in connection with 826 Digital Lessons and Projects.

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