Grades 7–12
1.5 Hours

Where I’m From Poems

Meghan Dove McAfee, 826 Digital Educator Leader

Meghan Dove McAfee (she/her/hers) is a youthworker, living in Saint Paul, MN. Meghan comes from the out-of-school-time world and is deeply passionate about amplifying young people’s voices through the craft of writing. She holds a B.A. in Creative Writing and an M. Ed in Youth Development Leadership.

What Your Students Will Learn

Your students will learn how to analyze, and gain inspiration from, a well-known poem.

What Your Students Will Produce

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Grades 9–12
Fairy Tale Reconstruction

by Marini Drobish, 826 Digital Educator Leader


This lesson invites students to write a modern day fairy tale. Students will reconstruct classic fairy tales by choosing to focus on altering one story element: setting, point of view, or resolution.

Grades 11–12
Philosophical Journal Prompts

by Lindsay Thompson, 826 Digital Educator Leader


Encourage students to confront abstract, messy topics in their writing with philosophical journal prompts.

Grades 7–8
Concrete Poems

by Mallory Miller, 826 Digital Educator Leader


In this lesson, students will construct a short narrative told through concrete poems.

Grades 6–8
State Your Claim: Argumentative Writing

by Alana Herron, 826 Digital Educator Leader


Students will craft an argument about a controversial topic they hold a personal connection to and record their argument to persuade their audience.

Grades 6–8
Authentic Dialogue

by Leah Tribbett, 826 Digital Educator Leader


In this lesson, students tackle the art of writing authentic dialogue that reveals information about the characters, plot, and conflict.