This poem uses sensory details to discuss birds.

We hear birds in the city.
A bird chirps when singing a song.
When birds chirp, it is harmony.
El sonido de los pájaros es el sonido de la naturaleza.

Birds look beautiful because of their feathers.
Soft and glossy feathers, like a fuzzy blanket or like a frozen sky.
A house sparrow is like Hershey’s chocolate, rough and bumpy.

Birds smell like the shallow water. Some smell like trash. Others smell wild.

Birds sound like chirping.

También hay diferentes tipos de pájaros con diferentes colores del arcoiris.
A bird caught its food and into the nest it flew.

The bird eats the crunchy cicada shell.
When birds eat cicadas, they taste crunchy.
Cicadas taste like chicken.

Do birds work at Five Below?