Grades 1–2, k
Up to 4 weeks: 20 sessions, 30-45 minutes each
Informational, Memoir, Narrative, Persuasive, Poetry

Write Your Way Curriculum: Grades K-2

by 826 National
A flexible, 4-week unit designed for K-2 students to "write their way" with authentic purpose. Includes a curriculum guide, calendar, and links to all related 826 Digital resources.
Download Includes
Write Your Way Curriculum Guide (Grades K-2)
What Your Students Will Learn
  • Students will explore four different purposes of writing: to reflect, to connect, to create, and to make a difference.
  • Students will be introduced to different text types, including journal/memoir, letter, narrative, informative/explanatory, and opinion pieces.
  • Students will utilize different revision strategies to refine and strengthen their writing.
What Your Students Will Produce

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Grades 2–5
Lunch Poems

by Lauren Rudewicz and David Hutcheson, 826michigan


Students will explore memories of food and learn how those memories intersect with art. From these connections, students will write poems and expand their understanding of what can inspire poetry.