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Daddy Longlegs

By Chelsea, 826NYC

A creative field guide to Daddy Longlegs.


Grades 6–7


Informational, Narrative, STEM

Lives with: Pin oak & Arthrobacter
Latin name: Phalangium opilio

They are known to haverstmen and have one pair of eyes. The body is one part instead of two parts, like spiders.

Daddy Longlegs live between two and seven years.

Daddy Longlegs lay eggs in order to reproduce.

Birds, some mammals, and lizards eat Daddy Longlegs.

Interesting facts
They are often mistaken for spiders, but they are not! There may be as many as ten thousand different types of Daddy Longlegs.

Daddy Longlegs live in urban, rural, and suburban areas.

They are omnivorous but mostly eat small bugs.

Personality traits
This Daddy Longlegs is very sneaky, never moves alone, and can’t stay in one place.

Physical traits
He/she is skinny and tall, brown with a tan.

Life at home
He/she doesn’t really talk to others. He/she is a lone wolf at home.


I woke up already feeling dead on the inside. It was my first day, and I knew everyone would think I’m a spider. But I’m a Daddy Longlegs. Wearing my usual outfit, I slipped on a black shirt with some holes in it and black jeans. I didn’t even bother to touch my hair or eat breakfast. My parents didn’t even see me leave. Seeing the bus, I didn’t even catch it. Having eight legs can make a person pretty fast. As I walked to school, the teacher asked me to introduce myself. I said, “Nah.” Detention was fun ‘cause I didn’t go. Like I said, six legs move quickly. If I get caught, I will go to the next place, find the others, and run. That was my first day.

Sadly, I got caught. My parents found me. The police got me, called me “Spidey.” Are they dumb? Spiders have two parts to their bodies. I have one! I tried to slip away from my parents, but for creatures who are going to die in a day, they were very strong. Walking down the block, I saw some bugs and I got a little hungry. The birds flew over my house like a symbol of death. I feared my family ganging up on me, creating a force that I’m not in. But most of my family was dead. They only live to be seven. I was gonna go soon but not because of my age.

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