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Meanwhile at the Creek...

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Lesson: Include Someone, Make a Difference

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Meanwhile at the Creek…

By Gabriela T., 826 Valencia

In this resolution inspired by the "Include Someone" lesson and Cartoon Network storyboard, we learn that inclusive leaders take action—they don't wait for others to make a difference.


Grade 8


Narrative, Social-Emotional Learning

This story was written in response to the Include Someone, Make a Difference lesson. Gabriela, student from 826 Valencia, chose to write an inclusive ending to finish the storyboard created by Cartoon Network:

Include Someone Creek Storyboard

Wondering what happens next? Read on to discover Gabriela’s inclusive resolution:

…Kelsey and JP noticed that Craig has been gloomily left out, a wistful look residing on their faces. They feel ineffective just glancing over at Craig and not being able to help because they are very shy. They feel like starting a conversation with Craig and inviting him to hang out with them, but the fear of making things worse prevents them from doing anything. They’ve always wanted to learn how to bike and make new friends, but they are never able to follow their gut. So, they just walk to the nearest bench and sit down. Craig notices them, but is afraid to talk to talk to them. Thinking they will ignore him and not wanting to feel excluded again on such a tough day, he feels his eyes get glassy and he feels a knot in his throat. 

The first tear is about to roll down his face when he feels a tap on his shoulder. Next to him stands a young, beautiful girl about his age with a blue and pink bun hovering above her head, a cute small nose, and her brilliant smile which gives her a caring, kind, and sweet feel. Behind her, are Kelsey and JP looking amazingly happy. (Craig wondered what had happened to make them so happy). Just then, before he knew it, a big bright smile spread across Craig’s face. 

“Hello Craig, I’m Lillie. Nice to meet you,” the girl named Lillie says. 

Craig smiles even more and shakes her hand saying “Nice to meet you, Lillie.”

“How do you know my name?” asked Craig. 

“Well, I just happened to be walking by when I noticed a sad, disappointing look on your face and my heart broke. I wondered who had made you feel sad, but when I saw when I saw those two other kids on a hunch looking over at you and wondered why they excluded you. I asked the bikers if they knew what was going on and they told me the whole story. I wasn’t just going to leave or wish for someone else to talk to you. I decided to come talk to you so we could hopefully become friends because I can teach you how to ride a bike. Kelsey and JP have always wanted to be your friends, but they were too shy to start a conversation. So, we decided to come and hang out with you.”

Craig could not believe what was happening. He felt the happiest he had ever felt. They became great friends in the short time they had spent together. They chatted and learned how to skate together. But Handlebar was still ignoring Craig and they needed to solve this problem. So, just like that, Craig accompanied by Lillie approached Handlebar. At first, Handlebar did not want to listen to them, but eventually he reflected Craig’s sad expression when he realized he had hurt Craig’s feelings. 

“I’m so sorry for treating you like that. Will you forgive me?”

“Of course,” said Craig. “Friends have their disagreements at times, but really good friends know how to forgive.”

Everyone around Craig smiled and joy filled the air. Craig got on the ramp and floated along with his bike in the air. Everyone was amazed at how good he had become with the help of Lillie.

“Thanks for everything, you are amazing!” Craig told Lillie. And just like that, they forgave each other, laughing so hard they cried. They learned from each other what the true definition of friendship was.

From this lesson

Grades 3–5
Narrative, Social-Emotional Learning

Include Someone, Make a Difference

by 826 National and Cartoon Network

Lesson Summary

This lesson encourages students to consider and write about the myriad ways to include someone, stop bullying before it starts, and make a difference.

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