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What If!

By Zoe Gomez, 826 New Orleans

Through a series of questions, this poem asks what if the world was different.


Grade 3



What if candyland was filled with whole candies?
What if I could share with my friends?
What if it was hot chips or something?
What if the hot spicy chips were not good?
What if we baked pizza for dinner?
What if it is fake pizza with chocolate fake chips?
What if you put your shirt on or off?
What if it’s not your shirt?
What if I could go to school?
What if I don’t go to school for the day?
What if I could get a gift for Christmas?
What I will not get a gift for Christmas?
What If I will go do work for math?
What I will not do my work for math?
What if I go to Tokyo?
What if I do not go to Tokyo?

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