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Where I Am From

By Rockelle Rodd, Grade 11, 826NYC

This poem uses analogies to describe all of the pieces of the writer's personal history.


Grade 11



I am from paint
From benjamins and sherwin
I am from the neat and modern
Never-ending, bold, and smooth
I am from Chaconia
An ornamental tree
I’m from reunions and strong cheekbones
From Mama Delé and Cecilia
I’m from the endless laughter and tears of joy
From strength and determination
I’m from spirituality, intent
I’m from Brooklyn and Trinidad
Curry, crab, and dumplings
From the strength and pride of Mama Delé
The colorful clothes sewn into the perfect dress by Uncle Roy
The chest of drawers topped with captured memories in family portraits
One picture at a time sewn together to create the beautiful fabric called my family

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