Grades 3–5
Multiple Sessions, 15-20 Minutes Each

The Writer’s Notebook

Kathy Seipp, 826 Digital Educator Leader

Kathy Seipp believes in the power of writing and loves to inspire students of all ages to write creatively and to share their own stories.

What Your Students Will Learn

Students will the learn the power of daily, informal writing practice.

What Your Students Will Produce

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Grades 2–4
Representation, Self-Advocacy, & Marley Dias

by Ashley Houston-King, 826 Digital Educator Leader


Students will learn about representation, self-advocacy, and the work of Marley Dias before writing about this young advocate.

Grades 3–5
Make a Change: Formal and Informal Campaigns

by Rebecca Glaser, 826 Digital Educator Leader


Students will use formal and informal writing to take on an issue in their community and convince others to take action.

Grades 4–6
The Human Comic Strip

by Bryan Wilson, Educator Leader, Bureau of Fearless Ideas


In this lesson students will work together to revise a scene from a first draft by adding descriptive details.

Grades 3–5
Writing Alternate Worlds

by Andrea Nelson, 826DC and 826 Digital Educator Leader


In this Spark, students will develop a setting that captures the environment of an alternate world.