Grades 7–12
6 Sessions: 55 Minutes Each
Informational, Media, Narrative, Persuasive

Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Motown Music & History

by Andrea Cisneros, Jeff Shi, Daniel Reck, & Frances Martin, 826michigan
Students will use music as a lens to learn about a historical period and research primary and secondary sources to write their own liner notes.

Listening Party

In this session, students develop a shared vocabulary that music writers use to talk about and describe music.
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Lesson instructions, 2 Lesson handouts
What Your Students Will Learn

What do we, as writers, talk about when we talk about music? Just like with any kind of persuasive writing, there is a common vocabulary that unites many liner notes and other writing about music. As music is a pervasive and almost inescapable part of everyday life, it is likely that writers are already familiar with many of these terms.

What Your Students Will Produce