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Grades 7–9
Narrative, Social-Emotional Learning

Choosing My Name

by Karla Brundage, 826 Valencia

Lesson Summary

In this Lesson, students will further their understanding of how language can impact identity through the process of naming.

Grades 3–12
Poetry, Social-Emotional Learning

Where I’m From Poems

by 826 National

Lesson Summary

Inspired by George Ella Lyon’s original poem, this lesson guides students through naming the people, places, and things that have shaped them.

Grades 4–10
Visual, Performing, and Media Arts

Comedy Writing Inspired by Monty Python

by Gem Carmella, Ministry of Stories and BBC History

Lesson Summary

In this Lesson, students will learn how to write comedy sketches inspired by "Monty Python’s Flying Circus."

Grades 3–5

Personification Poetry

by Nesley Rojo, 826 Valencia

Lesson Summary

Students will practice identifying personification and then use sensory detail and figurative language to express it in their writing.

Grades 3–5
Informational, Persuasive

Welcome to Where You Are

by Emilia Rivera and Ashley Smith, 826 Valencia

Lesson Summary

Students will report about their favorite neighborhood places and write a review about the most special one.

Grades 7–12
Narrative, Social-Emotional Learning

Inheritance: A Family Interview Project

by Cristeta Boarini, 826 MSP

Lesson Summary

Students will identify something they have inherited from their families, conduct interviews, and write a narrative essay. This lesson is especially well suited for English Language Learners.

Grades 7–12
Narrative, Poetry, Social-Emotional Learning

The Pandemic & Creative Communities

by Dr. Anne Desrosiers and Precediha Dangerfield, 826 Valencia

Lesson Summary

The COVID-19 pandemic changed our lives. This lesson will support students in processing the changes in their everyday lives and help them to identify the creativity their community has exhibited.

Grades 5–9

Write for the Flood City Gazette!

by Daniel José Older, author of Flood City.

Lesson Summary

Students will work together to produce a newspaper for the fictional Flood City. In the process, they will take on the roles of editor and journalist to source, draft, and present their newspaper.

Grades 6–8

Poetry as Retelling

by Aarti Monteiro, 826NYC

Lesson Summary

Students will read a poem by Eve L. Ewing and learn to write a poem that retells or reimagines an experience.

Grades 1–5

If Poems

by 826 New Orleans

Lesson Summary

Students will imagine what they would do if they were someone or something else.

Grades 1–6
Informational, Narrative

Heroes In the Community

by Rebecca Escoto and Cynthia Aguilar, 826LA

Lesson Summary

Students will identify the characteristics of a hero, familiarize themselves with heroes in their own community, and write an explanatory piece identifying a hero in their community.

Grades 6–12
Narrative, Persuasive

Dear Election

by 826 New Orleans

Lesson Summary

In this lesson, students have an opportunity to write a letter expressing their views on issues that matter to them most surrounding an election.

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