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Grades 11–12

The Great College Essay Project: Write Your Way In

by Kyley Pulphus, 826 New Orleans

Lesson Summary

This lesson supports college-bound students in writing compelling personal statements. Students will go from blank page to finished draft as they brainstorm, develop, and analyze personal statements.

Grades 3–5
Narrative, Social-Emotional Learning

Include Someone, Make a Difference

by 826 National and Cartoon Network

Lesson Summary

This lesson encourages students to consider and write about the myriad ways to include someone, stop bullying before it starts, and make a difference.

Grades 9–12
Narrative, Poetry, Social-Emotional Learning

Change the Ending, Take Back Your Power

by Cristeta Boarini, 826 MSP

Lesson Summary

In this lesson, students explore the genres of historical and speculative fiction before they reimagine a time they felt powerless and write a different outcome.

Grades 5–6
Narrative, Poetry

Inspired by Under Milk Wood

by Miriam Nash, Ministry of Stories and BBC History

Lesson Summary

In this lesson, students will emulate Dylan Thomas’ famous drama, Under Milk Wood. Students will create imaginative works of fiction that examine their neighborhood in order to bring it to life.

Grades 6–9
Social-Emotional Learning

Our Values

by Rebecca Darugar, 826NYC

Lesson Summary

Students will work in a collaborative, constructive setting to create a vision for your classroom as a safe space for students and teachers.

Grades 3–9
and Media Arts, Narrative, Performing, Visual

Beyond the Page: Writing Graphic Novels

by Klariza Alvaran, 826CHI

Lesson Summary

In this lesson, students explore the graphic novel genre with a focus on plot and character development, scripting dialogue, and visual composition.

Grades 6–9
Informational, Narrative, Poetry

True Connections: Personal Experiences with Social Media

by Rebecca Darugar, Liz Levine, and Brancey Mora, 826NYC and 826 National

Lesson Summary

Invite students to write about their personal experiences with social media and online platforms with this lesson from 826NYC.

Grades 6–9
Narrative, Visual, Performing, and Media Arts


by Debra Mitchell, 826CHI

Lesson Summary

Students become script detectives in this lesson, searching for the underlying structure of every play. Student then draw from memories to inspire original plays.

Grades 6–10
Poetry, Visual, Performing, and Media Arts

Poets in Revolt!

by Ola Faleti, 826CHI

Lesson Summary

The pen is mightier than the sword. In this lesson, students learn there's no better evidence of this than the poetry behind social movements.

Grades 1–5
Social-Emotional Learning

From a Friend

by Nicolien Buholzer, 826LA

Lesson Summary

In this lesson, students write letters to someone special and reflect on the impact of being kind towards others.

Grades 3–6
Informational, Social-Emotional Learning

Take a Stand: Anti-Bullying Skits

by Jessica Barbaria, 826NYC

Lesson Summary

In this lesson, students dive into the many forms bullying can take, create scripts and role-play bullying scenarios, and reflect on their own experiences with bullying.

Grades 3–5
Narrative, Social-Emotional Learning

Stand Up with a Story: Anti-Bullying Strategies

by Nicolien Buholzer, 826LA

Lesson Summary

Students team up to write collaborative short stories about a character who stands up to a bully and discover how they can help end bullying.

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