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Essential Words: Letters of Gratitude to Essential Workers

By Cristeta Boarini, 826MSP, and Skylar Burkhardt, 826 National

Few expressions of gratitude are more meaningful than a personalized letter. In this lesson, students reach out to essential workers and return their acts of service and kindness by giving thanks.


Grades 4–12


Informational, Narrative, Persuasive


2 Sessions: 1 Hour each

Download Includes

Lesson Instructions

Essential Words—Handouts

What Your Students Will Learn

Students will write letters of gratitude for someone they choose, ensuring development, organization, and style are appropriate to the purpose and audience.

Common Core Alignments

What Your Students Will Produce

This lesson provides students the opportunity to send letters of gratitude to people who could use support during the COVID-19 pandemic. By sharing your students’ letters with 826 National, your students will have the opportunity to have their words featured in a collection of letters shared with essential workers nationwide. Submit your letter here:

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