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Spark: Recipe Zines

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Recipe Zines

With a little folding and loads of creativity, students make their own zines that feature abstract recipes.


Grades 3–8


Informational, Narrative, Social-Emotional Learning

What Your Students Will Learn

Students will produce and publish a zine featuring a creative recipe. They’ll consider ingredients that make up themselves, their family, or their community, provide step-by-step directions, and write with strong verbs and adjectives.

What Your Students Will Produce

Students will create a visual zine that captures a recipe of them, their family, or their community.


  • Recipe Zine Template — Handout (print one for each student)
  • Scissors
  • Pens, colored pencils, markers, etc.
  • Collage materials and glue stick (optional)

What You Will Do

This zine-making Spark asks students to consider a central question: what makes you, you?

Students will create zines that feature creative recipes. They can choose to write a recipe of themselves, their community, their family — or something else altogether.

If students are new to the wide world of zines, it may be helpful to grab a few examples beforehand or show a few versions online. We recommend this introduction to zines from YA author Celia C. Pérez. Remind students that they’ll be using a zine template today, but it is just a starting point. If they’d like to start with a blank piece of paper instead of the template, tell them to go for it! As Pérez writes, “There are no set-in-stone rules for making zines…Making a zine is all about self-expression and creativity.”

Next, walk through the directions for folding and cutting their mini-zine. You could watch a video of how it’s done, or model the process following the directions below, from Umami Design Studio:

Once the mini-zines are folded and cut, prompt students to unfold their paper and complete their zine. Students will write, draw, and sketch out a recipe on their chosen topic. Encourage students to make their zine both highly visual and highly personal, something only they could have created.

For an optional group activity, you could ask students to complete the word banks on the “back cover” of their zine. What strong verbs, measurement types, and sizzling adjectives can they think of? Share out the strongest words from the brainstorm to create a class word bank for students to pull from as they write.

When everyone is finished, have students swap to read each other’s zines, and then consider who else they’ll share it with: zines are made to be given away!


Get inspired by even more Creative Recipes. This Spark, written by Jillian Wasick at 826 Valencia, directly inspired our printable zine.

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